This is Penn's premier Korean‑American a cappella group.

PennSori is an a cappella group committed to serving as a cultural bridge between Korean and American cultures. We blend music from the two countries, creating music that is unique, cross-cultural, and exciting to hear. But beyond that, we're a family of college students who love to sing and enjoy time together – an energetic group of people here to share the excitement and creative energy that flows in us every day.

Founded in 2005 by three Penn students who dreamed of becoming a part of the entertainment industry, PennSori grew to become the premier source of Korean entertainment on Penn's campus.

Back in the Fall of 2005, the PennSori founding fathers found themselves in a rut. Danny Yoo, James Walker & Ahyoung Kim – Three people with one dream to someday make it to the top of the entertainment industry with their passion for music. In the streets of Philadelphia (mainly on the west side of the Schuylkill River) they decided to follow their dreams of finding a way to bring the joys of Korean entertainment to Penn’s campus. They rounded up a group of students who could rap, pop, trot and everything in between and before they knew it, the only thing missing was a name.

While brainstorming several names for the group, one of them being ‘Michigetda (미치겠다)’, a genius among the group of students brought up the name ‘PennSori.’ “Everything at Penn begins with Penn,” he stated matter-of-factly and no one could disagree. “And Sori – that’s the Korean word for ‘sound’,” he continued to make wonderful sense. “So ‘PennSori’ – The sound of Penn – Korean style!” And there you have it. PennSori was born.

Performances to remember.

PennSori brings more than just musicality to the table. Many of our fans tell us that they like PennSori not just for the songs, but also for the variety of performances that we put on during the concert. PennSori is an energetic group that loves to share its creative energy with others. Our skits and videos are witty, engaging, and most importantly, hilarious. Those who come to a PennSori concert to hear an a cappella group sing leave with a pleasant surprise that PennSori offers a comprehensive entertainment experience.

A family of musicians.

PennSori is an energetic group passionate about sharing its creative energy with others. With this shared passion comes a sense of camaraderie that can't be found outside of an a cappella group. More than just musical performers, PennSori members are a family that enjoy spending time together, deepening relationships and helping each other thrive in all aspects of college life. Whether listening to new Korean albums, pulling late nights in Huntsman Hall, or visiting the next trendy restaurant, our members love living life together.