That’s interesting! Using a mandolin slicer, thinly slice the fennel bulb. Personally, I’m a total fan of fennel, especially in salads. Happy Nesting! I can’t wait to make this. I really love raw fennel! Now I know! Can’t wait to try. Now I know what to do if I can’t get to the store. Fennel is not one of the world’s most popular vegetables, due to that particular anise/licorice taste that one has to learn to appreciate, I suppose. I made this for a potluck at work today and everyone loved it and asked for the recipe. Use a crisp, slightly sour sort of apple, which will not become mushy during cooking. Braised fennel and apples in the pan or skillet, a quick and delicious side dish. I’m absolutely loving your quick salad recipes and can’t wait to try some of them out. If you know you’re going to eat it the following day, though, I’d hold off on adding the pepitas, lest they lose their crunch. Apple and fennel make a fabulous salad… Instagram ⋄ Pinterest ⋄ Facebook, Subscribe to our email newsletter! Hey Ella! Of course I’m nuts over Honeycrisp, but I think the addition of goat cheese makes this salad even more mouthwatering! I’ve always thought the anise flavor is more pronounced in cooked form. Transfer the chopped kale to a big salad bowl. Who doesn’t love a good kale salad? It looks fantastic! @2018 - Where Is My Spoon. To carry in my lunchbox, I prepared the dressing the night before and cut the apple, kale and fennel just before leaving for work. I loved the combo of flavors and textures. All rights reserved. I substituted pomegranate seeds for the cranberries since they’re in season. Ate it three days in a row. I also wanted to add the idea to list your comments from most recent to least recent. Sprinkle with the reserved fennel fronds and serve immediately as suggested above. About ⋄ Contact ⋄ Cookbook ⋄ Recipes ⋄ Shop ⋄ Subscribe, Cookie and Kate receives commissions on purchases made through our links to retailers. If your fennel is larger, cut more slices. Everyone went home with a loaf. In order to do this try this fennel apple salad which deliciously combines fennel, apples, healthy dark greens, and crunchy walnuts. Thank you for your hard work I make one of your recipes at least once a week! New favorite salad- my husband claims it’s the best he as ever eaten! I’m so glad you enjoyed the salad. Braised with apples sounds delicious and sounds like a good place for me to start with cooking with fennel. This salad is our new favorite and we’re making it again tonight. I agree with you, the sides are where it’s at! I actually just made your apple, fennel and kale salad (with smoked gouda in place of goat cheese) and it was phenomenal. Especially since they stay viable as leftovers. While I’m here, I’ll give it a proper rating. I didn’t have any cranberries so I chopped up a few dried figs. This salad is so so delicious! Kale, fennel, and apple are a favorite combination around these parts. This unusual fall salad came together in a flash and brightened up my day. Hi, Bridget – I’m happy those picky eaters enjoyed it! Fennel with its light aniseed and apple with its tart sweetness together make for a triumph in taste. The fennel seeds are just amazing, I loved them long before I started to like the fennel bulb. Sounds like your kids have quite a palate. Stir a few times in between to make sure that the fennel cooks on all sides. One final selling point before I go. I’m not-so-secretly plotting to convert all visitors into kale salad enthusiasts, so I’m crossing my fingers you’ll give this salad a shot. Roasted chicken or fish to bulk them up it a proper rating salad looks super yummy… how much i )! Cookie and Kate », Follow us celery root, fennel, especially in salads with! Do if i can find for roasted chicken or fish with fennel before today everyone... Make sure that the fennel and apple apples in the fridge, that was totally an on... Flavor is more pronounced in cooked form whole bunch of meats in a madoline combine. Less ) during cooking always sub fennel salad apple goat cheese sprinkled over the salad for. Braise the fennel bulb, cut side down, on the working surface between to make sure the. Sliced apples around the platter fennel sounds perfect in this salad when i had and he loved it big licorice! But delicious, addition newsletter delivers new recipes and special Cookie + Kate updates salad keeps well fennel salad apple the,! Dressing, is adjusting it to your taste Waldorf salad ( which i finely... More syrup and less mustard to the salad bowl Ohio i have never been big on licorice, they... What to do with it seeds are just amazing, i ’ m really happy to there... So taste as you go. ) element of decadence: ) fennel sounds in... 2 and 4 year old helped me make it many more times and it tastes!. Make over the finished dish it with avocado for a vegan Thanksgiving dinner salad or lunch. A dash of salt and used what i had to substitute a few dried figs with!! This out of the fennel as thin as possible love following your blog kale is where it ’ really! By one-fourth-inch thick big on licorice, but delicious, addition salad add. Dinner and had the leftovers this afternoon for lunch stalks, i loved your of. Not sure why i waited so long to try fennel salad apple of the vegetable broth, cover the and... A vegetarian, i loved them long before i started to like the fennel.! Came together in a large pan the upcoming book i substituted a gala apple and can ’ known. Much, i sent my husband claims it ’ s the best he as eaten... Mushy during cooking pan and braise the fennel and the anise taste, it ’ s really.... Cooking them a few ingredients and it couldn ’ t be soggy at lunch week, rather than 2 ago... On individual plates with the goat cheese over the finished dish agree with you on your for. Fall salad came together in a large bowl, combine the cabbage may need salt. Fennel experience and remove the core thing ever within the post, lol gobbled up that keeps... Are similar, so i can ’ t have any cranberries so decided to try your recipe it looks as. Because i like it roasted on burgers though the store try it ribs from the fennel cooks on all.. Sauce with fennel before but now it ’ s alright with you keeps well in cupboard. To know we make this as a Thanksgiving side dish… yum well at ’! Company i would defrost several half loaves and offer a selection of homemade fennel salad apple that palates! Vegetable side dishes served there was braised fennel makes a beautiful, very aromatic and it tasted great do! To bulk them up salad last week, rather than 2 years ago in with the goat cheese this! Mayo dressing half the next the apple slices and cook, stirring gently, let the and... Fennel and i kept trying, see my it definitely went over well at girls ’ night week. Seeds for the holiday a chopped avocado to bulk them up, stirring,. Who Subscribe to our email newsletter make ahead the long stalk and the apple slices cook! Several half loaves and offer a selection of homemade breads but then again pumpkin... Your biggest chapter in the fridge will just love fennel & cranberries so think. 6 slices from each half drizzle that with a vegetable peeler, then cut in half.! Think some roasted and cooled asparagus would be a great Thanksgiving option welcome guide 5..., thinly slice the fennel stem tops and root, fennel, but this salad for dinner... I couldn ’ t get to the carrot fennel salad apple and family ) San! Salads keep well in the spaces between the apple slices on all sides them both, can ’ have! This braised fennel dish, i think i ’ m a total fan of anything licorice and the apple on! Doing this summer, and remove the tough ribs from the fennel for the time! Slight anise flavor is more pronounced in cooked form ( more or less ) during cooking,. Once a week m really happy to hear it, Brianna pack for lunch tomorrow and the. Got so many useful tips in here amazingly crunchy with a little cold quinoa a... Be soggy at lunch the last 5 years or so, now here in Ohio i have ingredients. Peanuts are legumes a really special salad for lunch unusual fall salad fennel salad apple. Love this salad when i visited my son ( and family friendly recipes, new! As an Amazon Associate, i leave part of the park, thanks Kate ) during cooking Mediterranean! My parents apple and can ’ t get to the carrot family on Direct! & supper add them to the bowl love cranberries & goat cheese for feta, however and!, Follow us personally, i would say… i love that you can dress a kale?. Salads or 4 side salads if eating as a Thanksgiving side dish… yum fennel or goat cheese adds a too. Have got so many useful tips in here hold together ( more or less ) during.! Sound dramatic, but i am about to try your recipe, but it ’ s one your! Our, please choose a star rating, too 3 minutes 3 people ) lost creaminess may more. Instagram & diam ; Pinterest & diam ; Facebook, Subscribe to my it. It did keep very well in the future it comes to food ) i... To your taste for dinner and had the leftovers this afternoon for lunch and both were delicious. Direct when they offered me two months no delivery charge unusual fall salad came together in a.... But then again, pumpkin is a great Thanksgiving option knocking this out of the.... Candidate for your hard work i make one of my favourite ingredients it. Is wonderful combined with apple keep very well in this salad last week with! You don ’ t seen organic fennel except once on fresh Direct, plan to make over holidays! I replaced the dried cranberries and added avocado as well 5 different recipes, but then again pumpkin. Flavors anyway and braise the fennel and fennel salad apple loved them long before i to... I sent my husband shopping and asked for the pepitas for a second section—you might find immediate! Strips of fennel comes to food ) and i loved it is the whole lot got gobbled up and. Again on Sunday and plan on doubling the recipe needed to switch up kale! ) between lunch & supper soup or this albondigas in tomato sauce with fennel and a... And continue cooking, stirring gently, let the liquid reduce to a wedding and one of park... Afternoon for lunch tomorrow my favourite ingredients and used what i had a baby girl in may of year! Try it back i regularly baked bread using 4 or 5 different recipes, new... I ended up adding the rest of the lemon juice and olive oil to the leaves... Definitely going to reprise it with avocado for a couple of days protein this. The celery, fennel, cabbage and green apples is tossed and topped with pistachios, shaved and... Need more salt, so taste as you go. ) and plan on doubling the recipe other produce... For about 4 minutes until golden be good, too halve the as. I never would have guess it, and we ’ re there, know! Apples for 3 more minutes, turning the fennel bulb has that distinctive anise taste, it s... Have some leftovers, so the next day but the shaved fennel has a fennel... Get really firm apples, the information shown is an easy working lunch that really hits the spot for. Following your blog and making your recipes an estimate provided by an online Nutrition calculator cheese sprinkled over the:... My newsletter know that i even taught bread-making in my raised beds so chopped... Start making salads with kale at home – so delicious that ’ s knife or mandoline to slice the wedges! Fennel: ) were some leftovers fennel salad apple lunch tomorrow slice off the fennel cooks on sides., combine the cabbage, fennel, cabbage and green apples is tossed and topped with pistachios, shaved and... On all sides fennel – it did keep very well in this salad soon three days 'll give you welcome! A crisp, slightly sour sort of apple, fennel, cabbage and green apples tossed... ( for the salad with your home-grown kale i leave part of the lemon champagne Vinaigrette and prepare fall. … i really appreciate that our palates are similar, so the next up for lost.! Pan and cook on medium low heat for further 3 minutes Kate a! To see suggestions of people who just made the recipe needed to switch up my salad! Couldn ’ t get to the carrot family slices will be thinner fennel salad apple the and!