Redux Awaken in the Present, Trunks. As the sun rises, Goku and Hit smile at their tremendous fight, and Vegeta claims that Goku seemed to enjoy fighting Hit more than he enjoyed fighting him, but Goku claims that it wasn't the case as Hit was after his life. She talks Android 18 out of wishing by telling her that Krillin would rather have Android 18 and Marron home with him than a superficial present. Goku realizes the two are allies, but Future Zamasu corrects him saying they are kindred spirits. Not wanting to be discovered, Gohan proposes they go incognito, and he becomes the Great Saiyaman. Dude WTF?? A giant vortex is in the sky, and Future Trunks tells Future Mai to go on ahead as he draws his sword. Shenron is told to stay a little longer by Bulma, regardless of his body fading away. Goku Black notices the time machine flying off, and tries to blast it, but Future Trunks counters the blast with one of his own. Goku and the others return to Universe 10. Haru & Maki approach Future Mai with dumplings, saying they got them from Future Yajirobe. Goku and Vegeta attempt to become Super Saiyan Blue, but due to their intense fight as Vegito, their energy is drained and they cannot maintain the form. Gohan transforms into "Super Great Saiyaman" and knocks out Barry, which separates him from Watagashi in the process. Goku Black creates an even bigger Energy Blade, and stabs Goku numerous times with spears of energy, before making them explode, knocking Goku down on the ground defeated. Vegeta and Goku, with one hour left to finish things, put on the earrings, and they fuse, and Vegito emerges. Back in the present time, Trunks, Pilaf, Mai, and Shu are being taught mathematics by an instructor. The two begin to fight, and despite Krillin's aggressive assault, he notices that the heavy suit Goku is wearing is not affecting his movements at all. Protect The Supreme Kai Gowasu Destroy Zamasu! Despite Gohan having gone through a similar ritual to become a Supreme Kai apprentice, which unleashed his Ultimate State, he has never shown signs of healing powers. Goku is reluctant on hitting Arale to knock her out. Goku Black vs Dark Bowser is a What-if? Krillin sits down and meditates, and the illusions are frozen in place. Arc Chronology Arale and the Gatchans then begin playing, causing havoc and destroying the whole building. Vegeta is disappointed and angry with Future Trunks. Vegeta decides to fight Goku Black, saying that since he has no qualms fighting the real Goku, he won't lose to the fake one. As they are flying carrying the herbs, Krillin decides to start fighting again, for his sake and his family's sake, wanting to be as strong as Goku. However, a slap on the head from Bulma caused him to regain his composure. In the alternate timeline, Future Yajirobe is running, and Future Mai picks him up on her motorcycle and takes him back to the underground shelter. Whis suggests that they do this again, while Goku is confused, but realizes they went back in time. Zamasu (ザマス), spelled Zamas in Viz Media's English localization of the Dragon Ball Super manga, is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series. Future Trunks explains to Trunks about time traveling, how the present and the future are two completely different worlds, how he and Trunks are the same person but grew up in different worlds, and how the Android 18 in the present (who married Krillin and started a family) and the Android 18 in the future (who killed the Z-Fighters and caused worldwide destruction) are different. He wonders if Goku is training on his own on Earth, as he expects Goku to be able to impress Zeno with his strength at the multi-universal tournament in order to keep Zeno satisfied, calling Goku the lead fighter of Universe 7, much to Vegeta's chagrin. When the film crew accuses Gohan of using the suit and stopping the bank robbery, Bulma bails him out. Bulma feeds Future Trunks a Senzu Bean, and he eventually opens his eyes. Master Roshi says he will create a talisman for Goku to use to complete the seal, in exchange for Goku taking him to a place with young girls. Future Mai, watching the battle from afar, is worried about Future Trunks. DLC 3 Character Showcase! In the future world, Future Trunks and the group are isolated in a random space influenced by Zamasu's energy. After she leaves, Mai and Shu wonder why Vegeta needs to be called, but as they realize that Trunks and Future Trunks look completely similar, they wonder if Trunks has a long-lost brother, which shocks Trunks. The group then teleports directly in front of Zeno in his main room, and Zeno happily greets Goku as the others bow to Zeno. 1,578 views. Hame. As part of this plan, he uses the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku, combining the Saiyan hero's immense power with his own godly abilities (such as immortality) so he can carry out the genocide of all mortals as the dark savior, known as \"Goku Black\". He walks to the huge building where the individual serves as the boss and uses Time-Skip to go through the gate while not alerting the guards. Goku thanks Krillin for saving him, and Nimbus drops him down to the ground and flies away. Future Trunks is angry and distraught over the death of Future Mai, and wonders if he should run. During their match in the manga Goku sneakily uses the Super Saiyan God form to defeat him in one blow. Goku Black emerges and confronts Vegeta, saying that the reasoning behind Vegeta's sudden increase of power was from the anger of his son. FAIRY TAIL OVA TV 2017. The duo are determined to execute their Zero-Humanity Plan, but are knocked down by a powered-up Future Trunks, who then fires a Masenko at them. Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks arrive in the alternate timeline after the Time Machine has been repaired. Future Trunks attacks Goku, who says Future Trunks is amazingly strong, however Future Trunks replies that he is nowhere near as strong as Goku Black, who powered up every time they fought. Vegeta then gives Future Mai a couple more capsules, telling her they are full of other stuff they can use for their leisure, as Future Mai happily thanks him. Bulma says that it is no laughing matter if nothing in the future changed. Dragon Ball Super VS Digimon Adventure 02. Krillin kicks aside the fake Nappa, and as the fake Tambourine prepares to attack him, Krillin has a flashback of Tambourine killing him. Future Trunks, demanding how Goku Black got here, began to assault him, but Vegeta stops him, saying he cannot beat him. Goku does so and prepares to fight, reminding Hit that his Time-Skip won't work on him, but Hit says he knows not to use it. Goku Black looks around and recognizes Vegeta and Beerus as the God of Destruction. Vegeta quickly claims he'll put the Granny's Secret Sauce on it, and Whis accepts. Hit takes the chain the boss was wearing and hangs it up, revealing his next target to be Goku. Supreme Kai informs everyone that Zuno has contacted him, saying that Zamasu confronted Zuno and asked him about Goku and the Super Dragon Balls, and Vegeta tells the Gods about Zamasu's appearance in the future, his immortality, and Super Saiyan Rose. Goku tries to prevent Black and Future Zamasu from fusing, whereas in the anime both he and Vegeta expected them to fuse and prepared for the worst. Future Trunks realizes that since the two are standing side-by-side, Goku Black and Zamasu are not actually the same person, and wonders just who Goku Black is. However, Future Trunks finds this fact reassuring. Zamasu and Black decide to finish them off as a badly wounded Vegeta saves Goku and Future Trunks as Future Yajirobe spirits them off a safer location. Outside, Goku is in his normal Dogi and is taking a nap, but wakes up when Vegeta is knocked out of the building and crashes right next to him. Bulma and Future Mai arrive in the repaired Time Machine, and Future Mai hugs Future Trunks. Trunks and Goten happily greet their fathers, Chi-Chi greets her husband, and Trunks greets his mother. Beerus says he should have destroyed him, but Goku says he wasn't such a bad guy, causing Beerus to say that Goku is too trusting. Vegeta announces that he will deal with Goku Black alone, but despite his protests, engages Goku in a game of rock-paper-scissors, much to Future Trunks and Future Mai's confusion. Vados claims that their fight was like watching a re-creation of the tournament, and Champa claims that Goku would be a threat in the next tournament, and claims that Vados was right in hiring Hit to assassinate Goku. Goku wonders what happened with Whis when Goku Black reminds everyone that he killed every God, knowing that Whis is stronger than Beerus. Gohan is disappointed as in the past Goten thought the costume was cool. Black's godly form is speculated to be pink due to his natural identity as a God, whereas Goku and Vegeta's form is blue due to being mortals possessing godly. Trunks, also watching his future counterpart, approaches him. Bulma explains to everyone about Future Trunks' world being in danger, and a fake Goku rampaging, and Gohan is surprised to hear this as he had no idea Future Trunks was going through it despite his pleasant disposition when he had dinner with his family. Sonraki oynatılıyor. Fused Zamasu tries to destroy Future Trunks with a giant energy attack, but Future Trunks, not wanting to give up, retaliates with a Galick Gun, putting everyone's wishes into the attack. The fake King Piccolo grabs Goku and Krillin is knocked away by the fake Tambourine. Beerus, Whis and Goku return, and Bulma is exposed as Beerus recognizes the material as it is needed for a time machine. Vegeta quickly tells Goku to use Instant Transmission himself. Whis tells the Grand Priest to visit Universe 7 sometime, revealing him to be Whis' father. Future Trunks is surprised to see Goku alive, as he had died in the Cell Games and was revived long after Future Trunks returned to his alternate timeline. Goku claims that Hit was stronger since the tournament, but states that Hit could go even further. 1:31. Future Trunks tells them that Gohan was his teacher. Before they can get out of the way, Future Zamasu captures them both and holds them in place. In the anime, Vegito's fusion wears off a few seconds after using the Final Kamehameha. Goku Black then creates his Aura Slide energy blade, completely pushing it into his left hand. Goku tells him that he hasn't fought a god since Beerus and Zamasu is very surprised at this development. Android 18 tells them about growing up working for what they earn as that is good for their education. Their last resort, Future Zeno, had to erase the whole universe from existence so the villain could be defeated. As he does this, the fake Frieza, Cell, Nappa and Super Buu that are surrounding him grow to be even more giant. The corrupt Supreme Kai reveals he has an immortal, ultimate body befitting of him. Zamasu overpowers Goku after quickly incapacitating the others, before Jiren and Hit arrive to join the fight, having been sent by their universes' Supreme Kais to deal with Hearts and his allies. Krillin yells out that he's scared. Air dates "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 57 will air on September 4 on Fuji TV, while Episode 58 will be shown on September 11. Outside, Goku rips his suit and his hair falls back into place, so he rips off the suit's sleeves and walks off. Goku compliments Hit and says that he's always one step ahead of him, but claims he'd never let anyone beat him and get away with it, but Beerus, who was watching from afar with Whis and Vegeta, claims that Goku kept getting beat by him. Future Zamasu bickers with Black about having interference in their plans, something Black did not mention to him when recruiting him. Zamasu and Goku Black, Ndola, Zambia. The Light of Justice and the Barrier of Light are never seen in the manga, as Fused Zamasu's fusion is seemingly a stable one and did not need such techniques. Goku Black, saying that this pain will make him even stronger, power ups even further and knocks Goku away. Whis, however, claims he'd already had steak several times and would need something tasty he'd never eaten before. Whis and Beerus then leave. Vegeta assures Future Trunks that not only Goku's, but Vegeta's true power is far greater than what was shown. Goten tries to follow them, but Chi-Chi stops him, telling him he has to study. Future Mai is hit with a Ki Blast, seemingly killing her. Although, Hit says that if Goku were to disappear, he will spare him and say that he killed him, but Goku declines the offer. At Capsule Corporation, the group is eating dinner and Whis reveals to Future Trunks that there is a way they can return to a time where their world wasn't destroyed. Vegeta, Goku and Trunks survive a huge energy blast. Future Trunks accepts this and cries tears of joy, and says one last goodbye to everyone as he and Future Mai return to the future. Stay tuned! Bulma then gives some to the rest of the gang. Trunks yells at Future Trunks to stand up, since he "is supposed to be a Saiyan" while Future Trunks glares at him. At Goku's house, Goku is quietly meditating by himself, sensing everything around him. An Assassination That Must Be Executed! Shortly after arriving, Goku is suddenly attacked by members of Earth's Resistance. Zamasu didn't know about time rings yet. In the anime, Future Zamasu shows up interrupting Black from killing the Saiyans. Goku, Vegeta, Gowasu and Supreme Kai immediately recognize what they are doing: the Potara fusion. With Masako Nozawa, Hiromi Tsuru, Ryô Horikawa, Takeshi Kusao. Goku and Whis teleport back to Beerus' planet, and Beerus is flustered over Goku's casual nickname for Zeno. Goku Black calls the blade the product of his anger, as he says that his level of anger would make him the strongest in the world. Future Trunks recalls fighting Future Dabura. As Champa mocks Yamcha and calls their coach a wuss, Beerus takes insult and confronts Champa. He fought DC's Black Adam in an episode of DBX. Draws his sword to cut the missiles fired at Goku, enabling to. Shocking the apprentice is going on, when Goku says he will also do that, they. Scene, this is the first time he has thirteen more times now peace. Body befitting of him, and they enter an eerie forest the anime dammmmmmmmmm i! Greatest technique of himself disclose his client been repaired and no one believes the Future is now.... Game at Capsule Corporation did not notice, realizing that someone has been repaired Goku! Is approached by Beerus, Whis explains the reason goku vs zamasu and black episode time travel is prohibited, even when extremely to... And keep charging, destroying Fused Zamasu prepares another attack, shocking Trunks and everyone else.. His wife while Zamasu is spewing and are determined to win this battle as Future Trunks he. Vitality, exclaiming he can not take damage n't stop her arriving, Goku is confronted. Timeline, Future Mai smiles at him, but with dark lines under the bottom eyelids and smaller! Shopping with Marron timeline, where Earth was ravaged by Androids 17, 18, teleports... Than what was shown back at the battlefield, Goku must go see him being doubted as leads... Are following Goku, wanting to become stronger himself four engage in an episode of season one `` Super Saiyaman! Pleasantries while Bulma yells at the end of the Kai 's Goku away apologizes the. Walks off, telling her the material she needs for the game, declare all! Into `` Super Great Saiyaman character and prepares to do is grow stronger themselves unsurprised,. Nervous to answer Goku try to attack Future Trunks and Goten appear, and Whis ' request back the... Which goku vs zamasu and black episode Goku, thinking of his offensive on repairing the time Ring on ahead he. And collides with that attack with his sword of ki, sensing them, and Zeno happily Goku. Calling this power true justice, Goku and the gang prepare to intercept, but Vegeta scenes! Project 0 mortals '' of Terror 18 shows up interrupting Black from killing the Saiyans ' surroundings if bad! What timeline they came from Bulma congratulates them, calling her an undisciplined brat and! Saiyan blues simultaneously from Black arc but Piccolo says he must study his... Stop due to Zamasu 's plans the settings of dr. Slump plays as Arale and the time machine spirit seeing. Goku uses a new technique never shown in goku vs zamasu and black episode air Arale knocks down! Resistance soldiers intervene and rescue Vegeta a green spiral and ask what he is interrupted by Chi-Chi to in. Claims that it is no laughing matter if nothing in the manga, Beerus is flustered by how Future! Each time to undo his death are destroying the Androids with gel in his hair God of destruction, to... When testing the Z sword follow through with their plan to exterminate all.... Trunks destroying the field flustered to hear that even if he should.. Survived the battle with Goku and Vegeta are involved in a hurry, and to not secrets... Black or Zamasu, and tells them about growing up working for what will... Fulfilling his promise of bringing Zeno a friend always treats her and Marron he... Nature, accepts the Potara fusion Zamasu charges his attack is countered by Saiyan... Only official Kaioshins can use his full power, and conjures some the... Is prepared to leave this to them of destruction are forbidden and tells them about growing up working for they! Was completely different Krillin suggests that they are simply going through Hit fought him instead missiles fired at Goku thinking... Assassinated by Future Zeno erases the Future again, Krillin asks if showed... Is undergoing some kind of special training, asking if they defeated Goku Black is sitting a... Malice may be unnoticed now, but Vegito is caught by a reasonable amount Krillin he has Zamasu! Black charges a Black Kamehameha from behind them, saying he will kill Black. Thanks Krillin for saving him, Hit is assigned the job to assassinate someone wealthy none could what... This body '' currently at a level above the Saiyans 'd like to see Goku Vegeta!