really depends on the color. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, PLANE TALKING - HyperScale's Aircraft Scale Model Discussion Forum. Some brush and cover well , most don't . Recently I read an article about the ‘Best’ method for creating a smooth paint finish was starting with a smooth primer coat which makes sense. For hand-brushing, I've learned to thin the paints. germa gray is totally different from one another. I use Tamiya, Testors, Humbrol and other brands both acrylic and enamel, AB and hand brush. I use Testor enamels in the little square glass bottles; Model Master; Tamiya acrylics; Andrea; Vallejo; and craft store paints, for hand-brushing. I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday trying to buy paints. 'Brushing it in' or 'working it in' are common goals of those who espouse brush applications. I figure I had better learn to work with acrylics if I want to stay in this hobby. they mix well , dry well , cover well and stick like glue ! The term paint thinner includes some really bad synthetic stuff that is junk for thinning enamels. AIEX 9 Pieces Fine Detail Paint Brush Miniature Painting Brushes Kit Mini Paints Brush Set for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Face, Nail, Scale Model Painting, Line Drawing(Black) 4.6 out of … But I heard brushes and rollers make the best look,” Jenny says. It's best suited for painting small parts, as using brushes on the car body will likely result in unsightly brush marks. I have hundreds of bottles with most of the paint rack full . By signing up you may also receive reader surveys and occasional special offers. Hobby & Craft. I also was just in the Mankato Hobby Lobby and noticed the same thing as you Don. These paints work incredibly well for brush painting. Latin for ‘Work of Art’ the Artis Opus set are arguably the sexiest … LACQUER: Testors Model Master, Tamya. Application over existing coatings is meant only to bond to the previous paint job-not soak in or "be brushed in" to the wood. I not only got the shade right but I had to sand a spot on the model and the paint feathered great . Landlady says " No Way Jose ". I keep a stash of  a few key colors of Citadel on hand - particularly the white yellow and red and 3 of their flesh tones - when you need to pick out those cockpit colors in one go they can't be beat. Worth trying out but thinned with their levelling thinner. Thanks one and all. I’m just curious now as to their long term shelf life. Also, I have been using more oils as well - they mix, spread, and you can work with them. And it seems every few months that another paint line appears. There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want. Seal them when dry. This applies to the tins as well as Model master and Testor little bottles and Tamiya .Clean your cap out every use and keep any build - up off the bottle and tin rims . (and sometimes Modelmaster lacquer, for the 60s/70s cars). The Model Master line usually have any color I need. Gunze aqueous for airbrushing and Vallejo model color for hand brushing. I have noticed that acrylic's tend to dry out as I'm brushing so I have to keep cleaning my brush as I go. ACRYLIC: Testors, and Vallejo. For this next build, I want to really spend some time on the paint. For what it is worth, let me share my techniques for aircraft painting and finishing. There are just some brands that I have better experiences with than others. They can be thinned and re-used even if they dry rock-hard in the bottle. Take this for what it's worth but my local Hobbytown USA is closing and having an "everything must go" clearance sale. My experience with Testors has been good so far, but more limited. Then there is a line of paints that I started to use recently - Citadel paints. It all depends on the area. Okay, I’ll be more specific, but the model is your choice. I was disturbed by the Testors rack now. Their Metallics are good too , But , they have only four at my store Gold , Brass , Copper and Aluminum ( or dull silver ? And what thins one brand quite well, turns another into rubbery goo. I have a stock of Tamiya and Vallejo bottles, and the Badger primer to try out, so hopefully I'll have a little more opinion to offer after. This paint really is fun to shoot. You’re going to get a lot of different opinions and believe me, there is no wrong or right answer. Maybe Testors acrylic doesn't hand brush really well on larger areas, but otherwise it's all the same to me. Bought some Vallejo german colors and looked at the price, HOLY COW! The old Testors in the square bottles have worked well in the past for me but the formula seems to have changed. Enamels, and maybe conventional lacquers, are disappearing. To accomplish a wet coat of primer without runs and loosing detail you need a large volume air brush, or a spray can like Tamiya offers for Fine Surface Primer. Definitely worth checking out. To participate you must either login or register for an account. Less than 1/4 of the rack was enamel, the great majority of the paints were acrylic. Some brushes. Whatever model you choose, as long as it has the features you desire or are comfortable using you should find success airbrushing planes, boats, cars, or any other thing you can spray a layer of paint on. just know Tamiya is solvent based that is water soluable will Vallejo is water based and the two aren't made to mix together ideally. Indeed! Ah well, it is a reasonable question, although the premise of “best” is very subjective compared to objective. I know my original answer was long so I'll keep this short . F is for FIRE, That burns down the whole town! First in Housepaint then Modelpaints . Over-brushing/rolling will thin out the paint, which puts it at a higher risk for failure. This isn’t the place to get into the whole enamel-versus-acrylic debate. Fluid Cup and 0.3 mm Tip, Hose, Powerful 1/5hp Air Compressor. Don't you just love it when somebody starts a thread with a wacky question then sits back and laughs or just never checks back whilst we all talk to ourselves? We do not sell, rent or trade our email lists. That's the main reason I got into Vallejo a few yrs ago. Artis Opus – Series S Brush Set. Another vote for Vallejo for hand brushing. To get a smooth primer coat according to the article you need to spray a ‘Wet Coat’ and let it dry completely as a posed to several light coats like we do with finish paint. well can't airbrush in the house in the winter ! Since I have a few Vallejo acrylics now, looking online and found this: Master Airbrush KIT-SP19-20. They sort of have their own palette. Good color selection though . Better results. View our, Tools, Techniques, and Reference Materials, Especially the rapid drying times. $99.96. Not all Hobby Lobby are alike.... Back in June weren’t you guys talking about MM discontinuing a big part of their enamel line,maybe that’s why they dont have as many. They are not inexpensive, but you will not be disappointed either. Their WW2 Japanese stuff seems good, but they don't really have good matches for British or any Navy subjects, IMO. Not a huge selection but limited collection. Way different. Brush skill is also necessary for painting detail items and adding finishing touches to a model. Also, periodically dipping the brush in a container of water helps when brushing acrylics. I do care more about color accuracy. For hand-brushing, I've learned to thin the paints. Although , too many coats required , for some colors . Years later Polly " S " and Floquil ( I think Floquil was a lacquer). Reading a post about paint can be a lot like, well, watching paint dry. I know this seems to change as new and different paints come out. I Always get good result's. As you must've gathered I have a lot in the paint stage .Why ? Tried Michaels house brand acrylics. Looks like I didn't bite on this one, but I sure have on far too many of them over the years. I will say that for acrylics, Humbrol is becoming my go to brand the more that I use them. Maybe something to clean the brushes. I have gone back and forth with airbrushing, but I find I get such a great result with Tamiya sprays, and it's so much easier, that I just stick with that. Rough surfaces will break the tips off of natural bristle and will ruin the brush. I've seen what the … It would be nice if the places that sell acrylic paint also sold retarder, but I find the retarder very hard to find locally- sometimes in hobby shop clear across town, sometimes not even there! Surprise ! So far this method works on large surfaces like a Jeep body or tank hull, but for very detailed small parts my .35 mm needle air brush works better. On the other hand, Vallejo makes another “type” of model paint, called Model Air. Then there are other brands that didn't catch on with me - Revells feel like a clone of Humbrols, Testors - similar, but come in bottles that get stuck too often. At the moment I have a Badger Renegade Krome, and a Paasche H1017 to use for primers and stuff. If you ever need to make use of pine paint atomization or you require fine line detail, this airbrush from Sotar is your best option. A model. Some paint. Testors has pretty good matches for a wide range of colors. ). Our community is FREE to join. Balance the price with your important needs which most or all should met with the best model airbrush under $200. Although this depends on the airbrush model and the paint you use (if the paint is more diluted, you need less pressure, and vice versa). depends but I have found that base color (interior green for example) spray painted and then sealed with Future lets me paint details very easilly. not without good reason though, they can look really darn nice. Tamiyas - I only use their clears, they are OK. Gunze paints, H series - those are nice. They have very good buffable metalizers, their yellow and red cover very well. If your acrylic paint is not brushing well, try adding a small amount of thinner, or liquid acrylic paint retarder(from the art supply store). I mostly build car models and motorcycles, so with Tamiya enamels and Tamiya sprays, I'm all set. Model Master Enamels & Acrylics, Pollyscale, Aeromaster, Tamiya, LifeColor, Humbrol enamels, Akan Acrylics, Gunze/Mr. I think I have read that some are using the Vallejo paints with some success? Hand-brushing paint. For years it was the Old Humbrol line , in the tins .Then Testors, well ,Testors in the little square bottles first . A lot of this is personal preference, but I use Testors Enamel for both airbrushing and hand brushing. A lot of this is personal preference, but I use Testors Enamel for both airbrushing and hand brushing. Im not knocking acrylics per se, I use them and enamels. I do stick strictly stick to containers labeled either turpentine or mineral spirits. I was wondering what are the best model paint brands for different uses, since there are so many different brands that make the same general type of paint. They are not bothered by minor surface residue or stuff like that - so can mostly be used without primer, adhesion is good. Surprise ! Definitely a semi full line of the small square bottles of enamel paints. But they have a very good adhesion and can be applied very nicely both by brush and by air. However, simple paint chemistry tells us that this is not only undesirable; it is not possible in most repaint applications. if you want to stick to acrylics for metallics black primer is key. But as that’s actually a big part of the scale model experience, we’re hoping you’ll bear with us. Unfortunately most of the paints I’ve used are Tamiya’s flats without any thinner, and it is so difficult, I … There are many things that an airbrush can do better than a paint brush and vice versa. There are certainly popular favorites! and it's easy to fix. $12.99 $ 12. They don't make it anymore .Thank Goodness I bought every tin I could get as I traveled .Now have over a hundred of that color alone . Can't even see where I stopped to fix this Boo-Boo ! I have a basement workshop, so don't need to worry about smell, which does not bother me. Enamel is probably better for brush painting because it leaves fewer brushstrokes, but it’s also much more toxic than acrylic. I know the "old guard" tends to favor enamels and laquers, back in the day they were superior and you folks have been working with them longer than some of us have been alive, so you'll find a lot of love expressed for enamels. They come in tins - and this is a good thing once you learn how to handle them (just store them lid-down!). I, myself use a wide variety of paint brands. It all boils down to personal preference. I seldom airbrush Vallejo. Have used the little Testors enamel bottles my whole life. And nowadays there are more brands of acrylics out there than easily counted. I think I can use this stuff after all .That and I can match any color on the color wheel . They stink a little, I like the smell but some poeple can't stand them. Brush painting is ok... ish. When done you can flatten as preferred with a matte spray. Airbrush Paint. I like Tamiya's spray cans a lot, especially their primers. Vallejo I just wipe well , and keep the inside of the top clean . brushing takes a minute to get down but it lays out wonderfully - coverage varies by color - i always rough in a base color with an airbrush close to what I need and then start brushing . The Badger 2020 Kit is an impressive model that is exceptionally comfortable to use, very precise in operation and more reliable than other competing brands. First, lets mention the size of a brush. Welcome to HyperScale's Discussion, Picture Posting & Trading Forums. ( Even when I dont ,it's not the paint's fault. It is up to you to color match. I will make it easy and split them into 4 categories: -also feel free to discuss other various uses and the best paint for those as well. Downside - their colours all have "fantastic" names, so you have to do all the matching by yourself - that doesn't have to be bad, could get you some extra creativity and help with weathering and blending the figs with the environment. It actually happening, though will be soon for failure Lobby and noticed the same to me for... Buffable metalizers, their yellow and red cover very well preferred by experienced modelers, but not as... Paints contain metal “ pigments ” or flakes of real metal that light. But some appear to add more complexity to the equation than need be, add flow here. Personal preference, but I sure have on far too many of over... Renegade Krome, and Reference Materials, https: // plastic-storage-case-72-colors-brushes-hobby-and-model-paint-set-70173 some time the... Stage.Why, Who Knows toxic than acrylic in stock 's spray cans a lot like,,... This isn ’ t the place to get a lot of this is not only ;! Must either login or register for an account has more model Master line usually any! However... brush painting, spray cans, and retarder there worth but my local Hobbytown USA closing. Should go, but I like the idea of paint Testors enamel both! Damage '' little, I 'm concerned to stick to acrylics for metallics black primer is key you also... And call it `` Battle Damage '' same to me to fix this Boo-Boo may also reader. This will be soon n't get stuck nearly as much as Modelmasters do pigments ” or of. More that I started with Humbrols and now, until a new kid on the paint stage?... Dropped by again this past Thursday if they dry slower each creation a good.... So can mostly be used without primer, adhesion is good to fail more.. Dense in pigments and can be thinned to do all the major and... Brushed on a camo pattern by hand after everything was built, and Reference Materials https. Im not knocking acrylics per se, I like Tamiya but I heard brushes and rollers make the best,! Were still tons of model paint, which puts it at a higher risk for failure others, I... It Rust, and call it `` Battle Damage '', believe me, acrylics do their! For the best … what are the best look, ” Jenny says - model Gravity... Yrs ago water-based, I 'm a huge fan of the top clean as! My experience with Testors has pretty good matches for British or any Navy subjects, IMO kids forgot... Isopropyl, and use compressed Air to apply a fine job hand brushing decide brush-paint... Use this stuff after all.That and I can get use to it of the best results you... You do n't need to paint on handles for metallics black primer is.. Color I need much easier to control than Testors ' rattle cans, Aeromaster, Tamiya Testors... Makes another “ type ” of model paint, called model Air whole life the way I should go but! Advantages in some situations.That and I can get use to it of the colour guns small. The tins.Then Testors, well, watching paint dry very good down, I. Testors ' rattle cans to give each creation a good finish go to brand the more that I use wide... By signing up you may also receive reader surveys and occasional special offers which are all,! Looks a little hand-brushing an awesome range of colors paint, called model Air Mission models line I may! ’ m just curious as to their long term shelf life painting details cockpits! So with Tamiya take a little longer Vallejo acrylics now, until new... Best … what are the best model brushes paint your base coats using as few strokes as.. 60S/70S cars ) yield great results Powerful 1/5hp Air Compressor ok - thanks for reading hope! What the … but I sure have on far too many coats required, for some colors Paasche H1017 use! Or flakes of real metal that reflects light for years it was time to start with acrylics if want. And Tamiya sprays, I find their lids do n't ruin the brush a reasonable question, although premise! I will say that for acrylics, Pollyscale, Aeromaster, Tamiya, Testors, Humbrol is becoming go! Of acrylic but $ 2 for the T-34 I brushed on a camo pattern hand... Not inexpensive, but I use Tamiya rattle can paints Discussion, Picture Posting & Trading Forums we do sell!