Spring 2017 Season

Sori Night Live

Live from Penn… it’s Sori Night!

You’ve had a long week, we know. Work, classes, errands, people… and the blistering cold. It’s finally the weekend, and you will not let this one go wasted.

Welcome to PennSori’s 12th Anniversary Spring Concert Sori Night Live. We are excited to show you a night of enlivening music, gratifying comedy, and cozy warmth. What more could you wish for?

Listen to some of the hottest track in K-pop as well as American pop! Hope you are ready for some EXO, The Weekend, Heize, and even Michael Jackson! Join us in spirit as we parody Saturday Night Live Korea and get a taste of Seoul.


Just a Feeling × Emotions — S.E.S. & Mariah Carey
Slow Motion — Trey Songz
SHINee Medley — SHINee
Starboy × Lotto — The Weeknd & EXO
FourFiveSeconds — Rihanna, Kanye West, & Paul McCartney
잊지마 — Keith Ape
Rainy Season — Jung-in
All I Wanna Do — Jay Park
That Star — HEIZE
Man in the Mirror — Michael Jackson
걱정 말아요 그대 — Deulgukhwa