Fall 2017 Season


Dear friends, family, professors, alumni, and other cherished ones,

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves fall, the air gets chilly, the bed feels extra cozy…

…and PennSori puts on our annual Fall Show!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (behind all those midterms…), we felt it would be appropriate to name our show “Sorigiving” as we reflect on all the things we’re so(ri) thankful for this fall.

We’re thankful for the five incredibly sweet and talented newbies who joined the group this year — Jamie, Jin, Richard, Subin, and Tiffany — as well as the return of Sori veteran Nayoung Kwon after a year abroad. With their added passion, energy, and talent, we’ve prepared 14 Korean and English songs that we hope fill your hearts with warmth and good cheer.

We’re thankful for the alumni whose love only grows as each semester passes. Thank you for giving us so much support and encouragement as we prepared for concert. We’re excited to celebrate the end of concert with you all soon!

We’re thankful for Jeremy, Phil, our photographers, and our ushers — without you all, this show would not have been possible.

And most importantly, we’re thankful for YOU, our lovely audience! You all are the reason we love what we do and can do what we love.

So this Sorigiving season, sit back and relax as we show you our gratitude by singing our hearts out!